Fitness is my expertise and my profession but more than anything it has been a vehicle that has changed my life. “He was running around as fast as he could, I picked him up as he went by and his legs were still moving. I set him down and BOOM, off he went”. A short story my Dad likes to tell about me which pretty much sums up the way I’ve lived my life.

Growing up I was extremely active and athletics played a huge role. I’ve explored a lot of different sports but what I really excelled in was basketball, soccer (true football), and track, all of which I still compete like a champion. That’s just how I roll.

While I no longer compete for medals or trophies, the rewards have shifted, on a more micro level, to bragging rights, but the bigger picture for me is analyzing movement patterns and communicating those ideas and philosophies in a simple way that my clients can understand and apply to help them achieve real, sustainable results. Though I thought I was going to be a professional athlete my entire life, that’s not why I’m here today.

I was a skinny kid trying to put on muscle, perform like a freak athlete, and of course do what every guy wants to be able to do, have the confidence to talk to women. I dabbled in the weight room for years, experimenting with my home gym that my dad through together from old equipment, like Arnold Schwarzenegger Gold’s Gym era type shit. I did the high school weight training class BS (a rant for another day), at home work out dvd’s, and of course the whole 3 to 6-month stint at big box gyms.


Short term with no real lifestyle change or accountability?

Yeah, you’re not alone my friend.

In 2012 I decided that I was going to transform my 6 foot 1 inch 150 pound skeleton into a machine. So, that’s what I did. I rededicated my time, effort and resources, working my face off and surrounded myself with much smarter and more massive human beings that makes up my crew at Vigor Ground Fitness and Performance.

It’s funny though, after transforming myself from 150 pounds to 202 pounds, my genetics got all of the credit. I’m not saying that my genetics didn’t have anything to do with my transformation but nobody was saying I was genetically gifted or that they wished that they looked like me when I was 150 pounds.


I grew up a D and F student which made me realize that my actions didn’t align with my goal of playing pro ball. After quitting the one thing that gave me structure everything changed. I got kicked out of college after my first year, started working multiple dead end jobs, and stopped training which resulted in me loosing muscle mass. I was unhappy. No confidence and no idea what to do next. I can’t say that there was this defining moment where I just all of a sudden changed my life but I can tell you that I knew I was meant for something more than what I was doing. Truth be told – It was a long process. I changed everything I did, from the food I was consuming to who I surrounded myself with. I went back to school for personal training. I even started reading!

Just so you fully understand that last part…Again, I was a D and F student. Holes and one of the 37 Harry Potter books was the extent of my personal library…


My mindset shifted from “what the hell am I doing with my life?” to waking up each day with a purpose. I felt passionate again and hungrier than ever which meant much more to me than the physique that I had built. You see, no matter how naturally gifted I might be physically, nobody can ever take away the relentless hustle and hard work I put into transforming myself, designing life the way I want to live it.

Winning! That’s why I’m here.

My transformation helped give me the structure I needed. It helped me gain control, get my shit together, and stop making excuses. It gave me a mission. Not only have I completely upgraded the way I live, I help real people just like you do the same for themselves everyday.

That’s the short story. The rest we can talk about over coffee sometime. So, without further ado…


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