“Thank you Theo for helping me get my groove back.”

When I first bought sign up for 12 week bikini body transformation, I was pumped and ready to go. But soon after I met with Theo, he told me what the program consist of, I immediately felt intimidated and felt I was not physically ready. My busy schedule as a full time career mom also made me a bit concerned as I wasn’t sure if I could commit to coming in when I am supposed to and to make matter worst, my energy level was just nonexistent.

I started training with Theo in July 2015, doing just 2 semi personal training sessions a week. I was consistent with my training, showed up and put in work even on days I didn’t want to. After two months I noticed a big difference without going to any of the boot camp classes that are available.

Not only did I become physically strong, I became mentally stronger. My post pregnancy body completely changed from being skinny fat to fit and strong. My arms are so much more defined… I get so many compliments on them, my butt have never looked better and higher. I feel I look better now than in my teens and 20’s.

Theo really listens and understands my goals and keeping them realistic. His program is challenging yet fun, not redundant. AND keeping me look feminine while giving me that strong look.
I think I sound like a broken record or Theo’s sales rep to all my family and friends… I truly believe in his coaching program as you can clearly see it translate on his client’s body. Does the training programs suck? You bet, but the results you get out it makes you forget all the pain.

Thank you for all you do, constantly pushing me to my fullest potential even when you know I just want to bite your head off. You really did help Bao get her groove back!

Bao Chan

“I feel stronger, leaner, meaner and cannot wait to see what’s next. ”

A Groupon special brought me to Vigor Ground Fitness for Team Training and I was hooked after the first session. Prior to, cardio dance fitness was my only other outlet for strengthening. Until I understood what strengthening and conditioning really entailed, that is.

My sis invited me to join her Small Group Training session with Coach Theo, and that was where I found my mind and body challenged to the brink. I’ve always been a Lean Little Miss and never considered personal training to be a need or even a want. If I can maintain my slender physique, why add another activity on an already-full plate? If it’s not a necessity, it’s not a priority. But that outlook was quickly humbled.

Coach Theo guided me and fellow clients through a series of exercises, one more progressively ambitious than the next. None of which was out of reach, however. If ever I felt my limit stretched, scaling back with a modified workout was met with kindness, not defeat. Either that or an extra nudge of encouragement was provided to galvanize my strength in ways that I didn’t think physically possible. That’s what I call Vigor Strong.

The conclusion of the Groupon and trial period left me with a choice to make: leave and find other fitness pastures or sign on for more of the Theo Special. Without hesitation, my decision came easy. I was convinced that investing in further SGT sessions were, indeed, worth every penny. Coach Theo’s patience coupled with a professional charm made each workout fun and full of laughter (“nom nom nom!”).

My mental and physical stamina were constantly stimulated with each new, customized exercise menu, and my voracious appetite appreciates the unpredictability of each meal. As a result, my body has undergone a transformation, sculpting definitive grooves that I didn’t think possible. A booty lift unseen since my grade school days! Chiseled biceps and triceps that make me want to flex in the mirror and smirk with satisfaction! I feel stronger, leaner, meaner and cannot wait to see what’s next.

What Coach Theo also provides is the mental resilience to work through every challenge. Call it an activation of my inner stubbornness or his ability to motivate with fervor, I am now able to hold a plank position a bit seconds longer, put in a few more chin-ups, sprint a little faster, upgrade to 52-pound kettlebells. In each hand. Deadlifting. (maybe I should mention that I weigh in at all of only 108 pounds). Never would I have trusted myself to accomplish these feats before. But lo and behold! It’s amazing what a little guidance can do to help me achieve fitness goals that I didn’t think to set for myself before.

Would I recommend Coach Theo to potential clients? Not unless those clients are prepared to put in the same amount of work that he will greet them with. Otherwise, I believe his talent to be so valuable that it would be a shame to see his effort neglected. He has the tenacity and brawn to provide a healthy lifestyle for all those who seek it, and I enthusiastically extend my highest recommendation for his world-class service.

Trysteen aka “Holy Water”

“Theo, I appreciate you more than you know!”

I don’t think I had any worries or concerns about entering Theo’s training program. On the contrary, after attending some of  his team training sessions, I was excited to train with him! Physically, I’m stronger. But, I’m also stronger mentally. I’ve been able to decrease the amount of self-deprecating talk inside my head since training with him. Thank you!

What I love about his coaching is his commitment to seeing that people are successful. He actually has a PLAN.

I would highly recommend him as a coach. I appreciate his consistency in how he trains. He has a plan and you follow it week-to-week. He gives you positive feedback and doesn’t make me feel stupid when I ask questions.

I look forward to his training sessions. I like that his plans are challenging, but not so much that I feel they’re insurmountable. It’s empowering to see that I can go heavier when I start my new “routine” and it encourages me to continue.

Vadra Unsderfer

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